Supporting Local Carpentry

Supporting Local Carpentry

Local CarpentryCarpentry is a dying art. it use to be that carpentry was one of the leading professions in very olden times. there were no machines that you could type in design codes to and have a robot carve wood to your specifications. While this is a very cool feature for the modern world and for mass production of items so that everyone can have chairs to sit in or tables to eat on there is is a certain romance and elegance to something that is one of a kind, hand crafted just for you by a true artist of wood and knife. If you are fortunate to know someone who does custom work locally, support their business as much as you can.

Perhaps you need new cabinets in your home, or new furniture, a new door, anything that could be made locally should be your number one choice for giving your business to. In some instances you might end up paying more then you would if you bought the same piece everyone on your block owns, but it would be a wise investment to set you apart from all the others.

Sometimes you can find someone who is not out to make money but truly just loves the hobby of the work and only charges the cost of supplies plus a little for his or her time. These are the truest lovers of the craft because they appreciate every detail that goes into it and simply wants to see the masterpiece they have created go to a home where it will be loved and admired. If you ever find a carpenter of this caliber do not let them go. Support them every step of their journey and as they grow their business help them with spreading the word and tell them when they need to raise prices. The will not forget this kindness.

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